Fishing at Wildcat

We have two fishing ponds here at Wildcat. Our large pond, which contains Largemouth Bass, Bream and Catfish is for the use of guests only. Our stocked trout pond is open to all on a fee basis. Please read the regulations below.

Pond for Guests of Wildcat

Our large pond is reserved for the use of guests at Wildcat. It contains mostly Largemouth Bass, Bream and Catfish. It features a dock, and is a wonderful place to enjoy a relaxing time with the family.

Guests are welcome to either catch-and-release at no charge, or keep the fish and pay by the pound. See the rate card on the right.

Wildcat Trout Pond

Our trout pond is open to the public, and is regularly stocked with high-quality fish.

Please note: The trout pond is catch-and-keep only. To keep our fish disease free, we do not allow catch-and-release.

Trout is charged by the pound. Please see the current rates on the right of this page.

Fishing Regulations

  • Children must be under adult supervision at all times when at, or near, the ponds.
  • The large pond is reserved for the use of current guests only.
  • Please make contact with a member of Wildcat staff before fishing at the trout pond.
  • No swimming!
  • When fishing the guest pond, we ask that if you injure a fish (more than regular hook removal), you do not release it. It will count toward catch-and-keep rates.
  • Please clean up after yourselves, and leave the ponds and surrounding areas as you found them, for the enjoyment of other guests.

Other Fishing Locations in the Area

The North Georgia Mountains are well known to be home to many great locations for fishing. People travel from all over the state and further afield to fish here. Here are some areas you may wish to fish while you are here:

Rock Creek

Rock Creek Lake

Coopers Creek

Toccoa River

Lake Winfield Scott

Vogel State Park

Dockery Lake